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 California State University, Fullerton



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Support Teams

Our Freshman Programs team is dedicated to ensuring first-year students' successful transition from high school to Cal State Fullerton.  In addition to our helpful office staff, our First-Year Success Team members create engaging learning environments and are essential resources towards students' pathway to academic success.

First-Year Success Teams

Faculty, Student Services professionals and Peer Mentors serve as the First-Year Success Team.  These teams share a passion for cultivating a positive learning experience for first-time freshmen in transition. The supportive environment allows a unique opportunity to help freshmen build their academic skills, increase their connections to the campus community, and engage students in early civic responsibility.

Meet our Faculty

Janet Bregar, Comparative Religions

Darlene O'Cadiz, Theatre and Dance

Jorge Escamilla, Human Services

Jenny Hom, Finance

Dr. Sapna Chopra, Counseling

Dr. Scott Spitzer, Politics Administration and Justice

Dr. Joe Albert Garcia, Human Services

Dr. Beth Schipper, Elementary and Bilingual Education

Valerie Hannah, College of Education

Dr. Saul Tobias, Liberal Studies

Dr. Javette Hayes, Human Communication Studies

Brooke Tolmasov, Sociology

Dr. Scott Hewitt, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Christine Valenciana, Elementary and Bilingual Education

Ryan Hunt, Freshman Programs

Lisa Weisman-Davlantes, Psychology

Dr. Melanie Horn Mallers, Human Services

Karen Wong, Gerontology

Cynthia Irvine, Sociology

Mike Itagaki, Sociology

Dr. Sharon Chappell, Elementary and Bilingual Education

Dr. Nick Salzameda, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Shelli Wynants, Child and Adolescent Studies

Dr. Scott Martin, Human Communication Studies

Meet our Student Services Support

Danielle Chambers, MSHE* Graduate Student

Noemy Medina, MSHE* Graduate Student

Michelle Chang, Career Center

Paul Miller, Disability Support  Services

Amber Choi, Financial Aid

Amber Nakamura, International Education and Exchange

Carmen Curiel, Multicultural Leadership Center

Marisa Perez, New Student Programs

Chasta Jefferson, MSHE* Graduate Student

Lillybeth Sasis, Center for Careers in Teaching

Miguel Luna, MSHE* Graduate Student

Victor Rojas, MSHE* Graduate Student

Dr. Lea Beth Lewis, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Emeline Yong, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

*Masters of Science, Educational Leadership, Higher Education emphasis

Peer Mentors: Student Guided Freshman Empowerment

Peer Mentors are upper division students who are teamed up with faculty and student services professionals to co-facilitate a section of University Studies 100. Peer Mentors play an active role in class discussions, collaborate with members of their First Year Success Team, and meet with students individually to serve as a role model and mentor.

Peer Mentors empower Freshman Program students and assist them to make relevant connections within the community to accomplish their goals of student success.

Meet our Peer Mentors!