Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the information below to learn more about the challenge

What are the basic requirements for submission of entries?

Please refer to the Challenge rules Opens in new window

Where do we submit entries?

Fill out the submission guide lines and submit your project in the following link submissions.

Can students outside of the U.S. participate in the Challenge?

This Challenge is open to full-time or part-time undergraduate and graduate students in participating California State University campuses only. Please refer to the Challenge rules posted online for additional eligibility requirements.

What is the maximum number of pages an entry may have?

Entries should follow the report template and may not be more than 10 pages in the aggregate. If you need to include extensive coding, list and describe it on an Appendix to the entry so that it is available for reference.

What is the final date for report submission for Challenge?

April 23, 2018 irrespective of whether you follow the semester or quarter system.

When will we receive an acknowledgment after submitting our project?

An acknowledgment will be sent to you within a week from the date you submitted your entry.

When will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced at the Culminating symposium in San Diego, CA on April 29, 2018

In which format shall we submit additional material that we have such as source code, board files, etc.?

Please submit any additional material by referencing an Appendix to the entry. All files submitted should be zip files. No CDs please.

Are there any partner school prizes available?

No, there are no partner or friend school prizes available. All of the prizes are announces in our prizes page. To learn more about the prizes for this event go to the following link Prizes

Is a prototype eligible for the Challenge?

Yes. In the event your final project may not be ready by the Challenge deadline, a Project Team may present its prototype and clearly explain your motivation behind the project and the work that has been done

We are unable to include final results/conclusions and testing results to the report as our project implementation is expected to be completed by the time of the final presentation. Is this acceptable?

It is acceptable. Please make sure you clearly specify why you do not have those results and provide a detailed section on your expected results. In the event your final project may not be ready by the Challenge deadline, you may present your project and prototype at the final presentation and clearly explain your motivation behind the project and the work that has been done.

Do we need to share information about hardware design and software architecture?

You should share all information relevant to make your design work so that the judges may evaluate it in light of the Challenge criteria.

If we use non-GE branded parts, do the GE devices inside this equipment count towards the GE components requirement?

No, the GE Predix software platform is ready-made and is not designed by you. You must build your design incorporating the GE Predix software platform.

What are the relevant IP rights?

Please refer to the Challenge rules for terms relating to intellectual property rights in the following link: Challenge intellectual property rights.

I have some technical questions regarding GE parts and tools. Who should I contact?

Visit the GE Forum to find answers, share knowledge, solve problems with fellow engineers in the following GE CSU Challenge forum. (Please add topic "CSU-challenge" when posting.)

I have additional questions regarding the  Challenge. Who should I contact?

if you have any questions regarding the challenge rules, submissions, or logistics of the event,  send us an email to :

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