2016 Competition



First Place - California State University, Fullerton

Team Advisor: Yun Tian

Team Members: Luis Covarrubias, Joseph Porter, Shelley Pham, Harpreet Saini, Yijie Sun, Bowen Tian, Yuting Zhang

Application: Titan Power App

Titan Power App allows users to track data and help manage power consumption on campus. It provides the user with key consumption data for each of the power sources on the CSUF campus, including solar panels and a trigeneration plant. The application increases the efficiency of the trigeneration energy sources, resulting in the reduction of natural gas consumption, a reduced carbon emission footprint, and cost savings for their campus.

Second Place - California State University, Los Angeles

Team Advisor: John Hurley

Team Members: Andrew Ahn, Rowan Edge, Luis Fisher, Steven Hewitt, Ryan Ho, Milinc Joshi, Vrushank Shah

Application: Alternative Energy Solutions Kit

Alternative Energy Solutions Kit solves the problem for reduction of costs associated with small, interrelated energy consumption activities which are commonplace across many campuses. Alternative Energy Solutions Kit is enticing for any entrepreneur or campus interested in a renewable energy solution.

Third Place - San Francisco State University

Team Advisor: Bill Hsu

Team Members: Pooja Kanchan, Ammar Naqvi, Swati Patel, Rujoota Shah, Abhilash Shrivastava

Application: Smart Watering System

Smart Watering System aims to conserve water and create positive environmental and economic impact by reducing water usage for landscape management. The application computes the evaporation rate of the soil to determine the best time for activating irrigation systems installed on the SFSU lawn areas.

Other Participants

California State University, Northridge

Team Advisor: Vijay Bhatt

Team Members: Daniel Benusovich, Sunny Desai, Robert Morris, Shivanshu Naithani, Christian Ngiyulu, Jeffrey Rubi, Seyed Sajjadi, Saumil Soni

Application: Sense to Save

Sense to Save tackled the problem of saving energy and optimizing uptime of servers and electronic devices. The main goal is to connect all possible electronic devices to the app and increase the overall energy efficiency of each device.

San Jose State University

Team Advisor: Jerry (Zeyu) Gao

Team Members: Saikrishnan Baskaran, Sivakumar Sivaraman, Devon Sun, Koushik Ram Kunathur Thikshaja

Application: Savegreen Smart Water Systems

Savegreen Smart Water Systems focuses on reducing the wastage of water consumed by campus irrigation systems. Their smart irrigation system used sensors to detect soil moisture and then applied an advanced analytical algorithm running in the Predix cloud to provide insight on ideal watering times.