Learning is Preeminent

Cal State Fullerton's commitment to student success begins with those three simple words, which introduce the University's mission statement. Our commitment is also embedded in our strategic plan — Goal No. 2 seeks to “improve student persistence, increase graduation rates University wide, and narrow the achievement gap for underrepresented students.”

Since 2012, we have since improved our six-year graduation rate by 30%, achieved a nine percentage point gain in our four-year graduation rate, cut our opportunity gap for first-time freshmen in half and eliminated the gap entirely for transfer students.

Our efforts continue with the California State University's Graduation Initiative 2025, which sets graduation rate goals across all 23 campuses.

Cal State Fullerton has been called upon by 2025 to not only eliminate the opportunity gap but to increase the first-time freshmen four-year graduation rate from 22 percent to 44 percent and transfer students’ two-year graduation rate from 32 percent to 44 percent. Read details on our plansPDF File and progress.