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Graduate Studies - Graduate Student Support Specialist

California State University, Fullerton

Graduate Student Support Specialist <= This service is no longer offered!!!
Graduate support specialists
Counseling Services

Welcome to the Cal State Fullerton graduate counseling and support services. We are dedicated to providing a broad range of quality programs and services designed to enrich your experience here on campus, and offer support and assistance during your time here. All of the services offered are aligned with our commitment to diversity and to meeting the individual needs of students on the Cal State University Fullerton campus.

We strongly encourage you to make use of our services and allow us the opportunity to provide support and guidance to you during your academic journey here at Cal State Fullerton. It is our goal to provide you with the support to be able to successfully accomplish your academic goals and endeavors.


Graduate Student Support Group – a safe place for graduate students to talk about their experiences, frustrations, anxiety about being a graduate student, build lasting friendships, and build their communication skills. We meet every Wednesday in room H516 from 5:30 - 6:30PM.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Stress Management/Time Management
  • Relaxation workshops series
  • How to deal with Test Anxiety
  • Balancing Academic and Family Life Obligations

Ranging from supportive services to deal with your social and emotional well-being, as well as short-term mental health counseling services. Counseling Services are provided free of charge to graduate students who are currently enrolled at Cal State Fullerton.


You can receive counseling and supportive services at:

Counseling and Psychological Services(CAPS) Office

Please keep in mind that it is normal to feel nervous to seek outside help.
If you are feeling overwhelmed with your courses; having trouble balancing life and school; if you are stressed out with tests and exams, or if you feel like you just want someone to listen, please contact: CAPS Office at 657-278-3040.

Office Hours are:
Monday through Thursday from 8:00 - 5:00 pm in Counseling and Psychological Services(CAPS) Office


After an initial appointment, you may be referred to short-term individual counseling or you may be referred to a group at the center. Students often report that counseling and supportive services are helpful to them because they can:

  • Provide them with the opportunity to speak to someone privately in a safe environment about personal concerns.
  • Experience the support of a counselor/specialist who is focused on their concerns.
  • Are able to explore alternative ways to manage stress from personal, professional and academic life.
  • Learn ways to cope with pressures of graduate school and are able to feel better.

NOTE: You do not have to apply to this program: these services are open to all graduate students!

For questions, or to set up an appointment, please call CAPS Office at 657-278-3040.