Fall 2018 Graduate Student Orientation 

Date: Friday, August 24, 2018

Time: 8:00 am -- 12:00 pm

Location: Central Quad

Orientation Registraton

The Office of Graduate Studies hosts the New Graduate Student Orientation. The event offers workshops and networking opportunities with the faculty, staff and other graduate students.  Orientation provides an opportunity for ALL graduate students to better familiarize themselves with graduate school, support, and resources at CSU Fullerton.

Aimed at preparing students to handle academic rigors, workshops focus on funding, policies, and procedures. Regarding funding, many graduate students are surprised to learn of the various funding sources offered throughout campus in the form of fellowships, grants, and graduate assistantships, as well as grant opportunities through various foundations.

More importantly, the orientation workshops also provide information on understanding university policies and procedures for a timely completion of one’s graduate program.

Other resources that provide support to graduate students include academic assistance in writing, writing workshops, and counseling services specifically tailored to graduate student needs.

Another component of this event involves capturing the student experience through the faculty and student panel workshop that gives incoming students a chance to hear firsthand accounts of what graduate school life is really like from different perspectives. Other workshops cover strategies for balancing multiple responsibilities such as work and family while attending graduate school and time management to help students keep their focus.

The purpose of this orientation is to provide incoming students information of the plethora of resources and opportunities offered at CSUF and to provide a road map to survive the challenges they may face in undertaking a graduate program.

The Graduate Student Orientation is a partnership with the Office of Graduate Studies and International Programs & Global Engagement at California State University, Fullerton. We strongly encourage and recommend that ALL students attend, especially international students!

The Graduate Student Orientation will help you to:

  • Learn critical differences between Undergraduate vs. Graduate studies
  • Plan your academics—vital policies, strategies and deadlines
  • Discover about Funding, Resources and Opportunities available for graduate students
  • Faculty and student panel—connect with faculty, mentors and current graduate students