Web Standards

As with printed materials and products, Cal State Fullerton has developed identity standards for its web pages. These are designed to help ensure consistency among all Cal State Fullerton web pages.

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Campus members should follow the web standards listed below for their websites to avoid inconsistency across the university's web presence.

University Web Header

  • The university web header must be used on all university web pages to unify the institution's web presence.
  • The university name should link back to the university homepage (www.fullerton.edu).
  • Macro links can also be positioned in this top bar. The default macro links include the "A-Z Index" link and a search box. You may elect to create your own macro links for your respective department, college or division instead. See University Advancement's website as an example of macro links.

Website Header

  • The header for the website should reside under the university web header.

University Logo

  • Although not mandatory, if you elect to have the university logo appear on your webpages, it should be positioned on the bottom left corner of each page (see below), followed by a disclaimer to the right.
  • Only with the exception of the university homepage, the university logo, logo extension treatment, emblem or seal should never be positioned at the top of a page. They do not work well against the website header.


  • Although the official university font is Garamond, not all computers have Garamond installed. For web usage, we recommend using the "Lucida" font family for its readability. It is not as narrow as Arial or as wide as Verdana. It is versatile and works well at many sizes.
  • The CSS code we recommend using is:
    font:75% LucidaGrande, 'Lucida Sans Unicode', Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;}
  • For headers or H1 tags, we suggest using the "Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif" class - as shown on top of this page.


The following are web safe colors equivalent to the university colors:

  • Blue: #003366
  • White: #FFFFFF
  • Orange: #FF6600


  • To create enough color contrast between text links and copy, we recommend using the hexidecimal code #0066CC.

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For questions or assistance with the university identity system, please contact the following individuals:

For graphic standards, contact:
Marcia Escobosa

For web standards, contact:
Mishu Vu

For editorial style, contact:
Cathi Douglas