Meeting California's Health Care Challenges

Confronting the Emerging Nursing Crisis

California is facing a shortage of 30,000 nurses, ranking it near the bottom
nationally in terms of nurses per capita. The shortage will only grow worse, threatening the quality of our health care. At CSUF, we must help address the shortage by increasing the number of students admitted to nursing programs and closing a funding gap that exists for every nursing student enrolled. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, hospitals that employed a greater proportion of nurses prepared at the baccalaureate degree level over associate degree had improved patient outcomes demonstrating lower patient mortality and failure-to-rescue rates nationwide. Cal State Fullerton will also continue to offer advanced nursing degrees, including the Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

A $14.3-million effort will raise needed funds for scholarships, professorships, and technology upgrades in order to increase program capacity by 150 percent, while boosting the effectiveness of the School of Nursing’s numerous educational programs.

Helping Our Seniors Amid the Silver Tsunami

The long-feared "silver tsunami" of retiring baby boomers is now hitting. California's older adult populations will more than double within the next 15 years as continuous waves of baby boomers reach 65. And as they age, not only do they prefer to stay in their homes, but successful aging-in-place results in immense savings to our health care system when people can avoid moving to more costly assisted-living alternatives. But aging-in-place, despite its draw, can be challenging without proper assistive devices to ensure safety and minimize the need for more expensive in-home professional care. At Cal State Fullerton, collaboration across colleges and disciplines will align curriculum, teaching methods, and research and development to address the challenges of aging-in-place. This $600,000 effort will support faculty development and release time for research and curriculum development.