Transforming Cal State Fullerton's Future


In 2009, the Board of Governors of the Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation began a strategic planning process — in tandem with university planning efforts — that would ultimately result in the development of a series of bold, transformative projects. Not only will these projects strengthen the university’s educational mission, but they will advance critical needs of both the region and the state. Unfortunately, there are limited state funds for most of these forward-looking initiatives. The success of these projects is dependent on private financial support and innovative public-private partnerships.

Today, work is well under way to advance these initiatives. In total, these priority projects include efforts to:

  • address an impending nursing shortage through revitalized and expanded programs within the newly designated School of Nursing;
  • create gero-engineering educational programs to assist seniors;
  • strengthen programs that help preserve and present Orange County’s stories of its human experience and natural history;
  • renovate our recreational fields, Titan Gymnasium, Titan Athletics Hall of Fame, and university signage;
  • launch the creation of CollegeTown, an educational district around the main campus;
  • enhance programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (or the “STEM” fields); and
  • build private financial support for a permanent branch campus in southern Orange County.