Making Integrity Count

Academic Integrity Tutorial

Get Organized

Don't stress out! Use these time management and research tips to help keep you on track during the research process.

Academic Integrity

You want to be a successful student, don’t you? And you want to be a successful graduate of CSUF with a satisfying, well-paid and meaningful career, right?

Citing Sources

Find out why you need to cite sources, what to cite, when to cite, and finally, how to cite.

Campus Resources

There are a lot of free resources available to you if you need more help with research, writing, citations, or have questions about academic integrity.

The first version of the tutorial was funded by a CSUF Faculty Development Center grant and was created by Collette Childers and Rosemary McGill in the Pollak Library.  This second version of the tutorial was funded in part through a CSUF University Missions and Goals Initiative grant and was designed and updated by Collette Childers, Pollak Library, and Sandra Rhoten, Student Conduct.  The tutorial concept was based on the "Bruin Success with Less Stress" tutorial available at UCLA.

We would like to thank the CSUF Writing Center for the content regarding accurate citations, and George Mason, University Writing Center, for the content regarding appropriate thesis statements. Original graphic design and programming support for this project was provided by DSYL.