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California State University, Fullerton

Economic Hardship

General Information

International students can apply for a permit to work off-campus based on economic hardship if they meet the following preconditions:

  • Students must have been in F-1 status for at least one full academic year at CSUF before they begin the application process
  • In good academic standing at CSUF (not on probation)
  • Must prove to USCIS that employment is necessary due to severe economic hardship caused by circumstances beyond student's control that arose AFTER obtaining F-1 status
  • Must make a good faith attempt to find on-campus jobs first. If your on-campus employment salary is insufficient to meet your expenses, be able to provide evidence of this (example: letter from supervisor stating current salary)

If you are thinking of applying for an economic hardship work permit, please schedule an appointment with an International Student Advisor to discuss the application procedures and forms.

Revised — July 2014