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California State University, Fullerton

Academic Training

General Information

Academic training is training related to a J-1 exchange student's field of study. Exchange students may apply for academic training to take advantage of internship opportunities as part of their academic experience at Cal State Fullerton. This may be done in one of the following ways:

  • Through Academic Training (academic internship) while attending Cal State Fullerton during the second semester, or
  • Through Academic Training (employment related to exchange student's field of study) after completing the exchange program at Cal State Fullerton.

Approval of Academic Training is granted by the CSUF International Students & Scholars Office and is subject to current requirements and restrictions of the US Department of State & US Department of Homeland Security.


  • Completion of all units with no "W" or "WU" grades
  • Minimum CSUF Grade Point Average of 2.0
  • Good academic standing: not on academic or administrative probation
  • Not subject to dismissal/suspension (for either academic or disciplinary reasons)

Application Deadlines

1. During the second semester of the exchange program:
Second semester is Fall = September 1
Second semester is Spring = February 1
2. After completion for exchange program:
Completing program is Fall semester = November 10
Completing program is Spring semester = May 10

Finding an internship and obtaining work authorization requires advanced planning and effort. Students interested in pursuing an internship are advised to use service offered by Center for Internship and Community Engagement (CICE) and the International Students & Scholars Office at least one or two months before applying for an internship.

Revised — February 2013

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