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California State University, Fullerton

Exchange Students

Exchange students enjoying Angel's game

At Cal State Fullerton, we welcome exchange students either through the California State University International Programs & Global Engagement or through Cal State Fullerton's bi-lateral exchange programs with institutions of higher education outside of the U.S.

For Holder of Dual U.S. Citizenship

If you have dual citizenship, one of which is U.S. citizenship, you are not eligible to participate in any exchange programs (either through the California State University's International Programs & Global Engagement or through Cal State Fullerton's bi-lateral exchange agreements).

This is in accordance with the California State University Chancellor's Office Executive Order No. 605 (PDF) which is part of California legislation. It states that U.S. citizens do not qualify for nonresident tuition waiver. You cannot use the passport based on your other citizenship to enter the U.S. since you have an American passport based on U.S. citizenship.

Resources for Exchange Students

Bilateral Exchange Program

Through mutual agreements between Cal State Fullerton and our bilateral partner institution, both campuses are involved in the careful selection of exchange students to participate in a U.S. American education experience on our campus. Exchange Student Applications are submitted to the CSUF International Students & Scholars Office by Exchange Partner Institutions' Coordinators.

Online application can be accessed via our website:

(Students will be given login information once they are nominated by their home institution)

Application Deadlines Fall term — May 6
Spring term — October 15
English Proficiency Test Requirement TOEFL Undergraduate: 500 PBT /61 iBT
Graduate: 550 PBT /80 iBT
IELTS Undergraduate: 5.5
Graduate: 7.0

*PBT is Paper-Based Test and iBT is Internet-Based Test.

CSU International Programs

Click here if you are on a exchange program through the California State University - Office of International Program (CSUIP).

Revised — July 2015

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