California State University, Fullerton

Enrollment Request Form

All exchange students are considered "full-time" when they are enrolled in 12 units of classes each semester. Approval for 9 units of classes may be obtained from the CSUF Exchange Student Advisor. If your institution requires you to enroll in 15 units of classes, you must submit a letter of verification from your home institution exchange program coordinator. This letter should be submitted ONLY AFTER you are admitted.

No online courses are permitted.

We will do our best to enroll you in your first choice of classes, however, as the more popular classes can be full, please provide alternate choices. Classes may be canceled or moved to new times and location, so please be flexible.

Pay attention to the Footnotes which specify class location outside of the main Fullerton campus. For example, "X" is for the Irvine Campus which will require your own transportation.

(no dash)


Course Title or Description Section Schedule Units Days1 Time Building & Room Faculty or Instructor
Example: Finance 320 3 13179 3.0 TR 1130a-1245p LH404 Richert, C.
Choice 1
Alternate 1
Choice 2
Alternative 2
Choice 3
Alternative 3
Choice 4
Alternative 4
Choice 5
Alternative 5

1 Monday = M, Tuesday = T, Wednesday = W, Thursday = TR, Friday = F

Revised — August 2014