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California State University, Fullerton

Enrollment at CSUF

Exchange students are expected to be seriously committed to an exchange program. A serious commitment means that all exchange students must be:

  1. Enrolled as a full-time student
    • Undergraduate: Minimum of 12 units per semester
    • Graduate: Minimum of 9 units per semester
  2. Meet minimum academic standards of 2.0 GPA (Grade Point Average)
  3. Comply with both campus (academic) and federal (immigration) regulations to stay focused in their studies

CSUF Enrollment Request Form

Exchange students must complete and submit this online CSUF Enrollment Request Form before the deadlines listed below. Exchange students are responsible for making sure that they do not have any holds on their CSUF records that prevent enrollment (for example, requirements such as health insurance, immunization records) and for getting approval of CSUF courses from their home institutions.

Enrollment Request Deadlines Fall — June 15
Spring — October 25

CSUF Transcripts for Home Institutions

Official transcripts are sent to exchange students' home institutions upon completion of the exchange program at no cost to the exchange student. If exchange students want an additional copy for their personal records, they must request an official copy at the Office of Admissions & Records. A fee is required for each copy requested.

Revised — August 2011

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