Benefits of Membership in Phi Beta Delta

By Richard Reiff, PBD

As a Phi Beta Delta member, would you be able to describe the benefits of membership? An understanding and an articulation of PBD's benefits are important for increasing individual and institutional membership. Relating those benefits to institutional goals of internationalization can be an effective means of promoting Phi Beta Delta. Moreover, the goals of our Society augment and enhance institutional efforts to promote international education.

Below are what I believe are the major benefits of Phi Beta Delta:

  • Tangibly demonstrates the institution's commitment to and support of international education.
  • Provides a forum for international educators to get together on a regular basis to discuss issues relating to international education.
  • Establishes a world-wide network of individuals and institutions committed to promoting international education.
  • Promotes and supports excellence in international programming.
  • Supports institutional goal of internationalizing education by proving recognition, visibility, and quality programming.
  • Demonstrates the importance and significance of international education.
  • Provides a mechanism for bringing together international faculty and students and U.S. faculty and students for meaningful interaction and exchange of ideas.
  • Provides an appropriate vehicle for recognizing individual and institutional excellence in international education.
  • Promotes scholarly research and writing in international education through its journal and newsletter.
  • Promotes and supports the involvement of domestic students in international exchange.
  • Augments and enhances the academic programs of the institution related to international education.
  • Provides a nonpolitical and nonpartisan forum for international educators to get together for an exchange of ideas and information.
  • Provides a campus focus for international endeavors.
  • Encourages achievement and excellence through recognition and monetary awards on the local and international levels.
  • Provides a scholarly and dignified means through its rituals and ceremonies to appropriately recognize achievement and excellence.
  • Encourages and supports cooperation and coordination among the various individuals and offices involved in international exchange.
  • Promotes the enhancement of services to those involved in international exchange.
  • Promotes the exchange of students and scholars by connecting them with officials at other institutions.
  • Encourages joint research and writing by linking international scholars throughout the world.
  • Annually brings together international educators and students for an exchange of research and ideas at its annual conference.
  • Provides an often much-needed link among the various institutional offices and individuals involved in international exchange.
  • Enhances the status of international education on the local and international levels by honoring achievement and excellence.
  • Provides a means to more actively involve upper level administrators in international endeavors.
If those activities and programs which are listed above as benefits are not currently part of your chapter's activities, they can serve as goals and objectives.

Phi Beta Delta is the first honor society dedicated to recognizing scholarly achievement in international education.
Promoting scholarship and communication throughout the world.
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