Frequently Asked Questions – Phi Beta Delta

  1. Is Phi Beta Delta available to all majors?

    a. Yes, we accept applicants from all areas of study.

  2. How much is the membership fee?

    a. 1 year membership: $70 and renewal is $25.

  3. Where do I submit my application and the membership fee?

    a. You will submit your application along with the membership fee to International Programs Office, UH 244 with a check payable to Phi Beta Delta, CSUF. You will receive a receipt of confirmation.

  4. Is it possible to pay for the membership via credit card & money transfer payment?

    a. No ? only checks or cash (exact amount only).

  5. What if I am only a freshman and also meet the GPA requirements, am I eligible to join?

    a. You need to have completed at least one semester at CSUF and also be enrolled as an upper division or graduate student to apply.

  6. Are graduating seniors eligible to join?

    a. Yes, if you meet the GPA requirements: Undergraduate (3.2 or higher) and Graduate (3.5 or higher) and have already completed 6 units of international or intercultural coursework or have international experience then you are eligible to apply.

  7. How will I know if my application was accepted?

    a. You will receive a notification of your application status after 2 weeks. Once you are accepted then you will receive an email invitation to attend the induction ceremony.

  8. When is the induction ceremony?

    a. The induction ceremony is held twice a year: Fall (November) and Spring (April). Details of date, time and place will be sent via email.

  9. What if I am already a member of Phi Beta Delta?

    a. You stay as an active member if you renew your fees on an annual basis. Students pay $25 renewal fees per year.
    b. We encourage you to attend our activities & events posted on the website calendar:  PBD Calendar

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