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California State University, Fullerton

Continuous Enrollment

If you are a graduate student and have finished all the required course work, but need to continue working on your thesis or project, you may be able to continue your enrollment by registering for Graduate Studies 700 (GS 700):

GS 700 Instruction Click here (PDF)
GS 700 Form Click here (PDF)
  • International students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage while enrolled in GS 700. You are eligible to purchase health insurance through our office.
  • Students enrolled in GS 700 through Extended Education do not have access to the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC). However, students may purchase a "Titan Health Card" directly from SHCC, which allows them to use the services at SHCC.
  • Students enrolled in GS 700 may not enroll in any other courses, including internship or practicum. Therefore, students are not eligible for Curricular Practical Training while enrolled in GS 700.

Guidelines for enrolling in GS 700

  1. Pick up the GS 700 at the Graduate Studies Office (MH-103) or visit the Graduate Studies website to download the form. Read carefully and follow the instructions for GS 700 enrollment found on the Graduate Studies website.
  2. Submit the GS 700 Form to the International Programs & Global Engagement (IPGE) Office for approval and signature from an IS advisor. Please allow for 3-5 work days for your GS 700 Form to be processed.
  3. Return to the ISS Office to pick up your signed GS 700 form.
  4. Submit your GS 700 Form to the Graduate Studies Office (MH-103) and follow the instructions for enrolling in GS 700 as stated on the GS 700 Form.

After your application is approved by the Graduate Studies Office, you may register for GS 700.

Revised — August 2011

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