Parking & Directions

Visiting CSUF Irvine Center


CSUF Irvine Center is located at 3 Banting, Irvine, near the intersections of the 405 Freeway and the 133 Toll Road, and the 5 Freeway and the 133 Toll Road. We are approximately one mile from the Irvine Spectrum. CSUF Irvine Center offers mass transit advantages, given the readily available bus service and I-Shuttle service.

 CSUF Irvine Center Map




Parking Policy

Our policies apply as on the Fullerton Campus. For more information, go to the CSUF Parking and TransportationOpens in new window  site. The California Vehicle Code is enforced at all times.

Parking permit requirements are enforced Monday-Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

 Parking office general information including fees


Park and Pay

Park and Pay is also available to visitors and guests with 1 or 2 hour time limits. IRVC Park and Pay machines only accept Debit/Credit Cards as of June 28, 2017. A CSUF Daily Permit is also available. Additionally, there are visitor parking stalls and loading spaces available in which you can park for up to 30 minutes at no charge. 

For information on purchasing parking permits online, we encourage you to view the CSUF Parking siteOpens in new window  on how to purchase a parking permit through the Campus Portal. Please have the license plate or VIN number, year, make, model, and color of the vehicle before making the purchase.


Staff/Faculty Parking

Please do not park in spaces marked for CSUF Staff/Faculty, unless you have a CSUF Staff/Faculty permit, or you will be cited.

Parking regulations will be strictly enforced at CSUF Irvine Center. IVC students and faculty without a valid IVC/Saddleback decal should plan to pay   $10.00   for a CSUF Daily Permit to at CSUF designated parking lots.


Other Vehicles

The use of skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, and scooters is prohibited on the grounds and in the buildings of CSUF Irvine Center, except for authorized instructional purposes.

Motorcycles should be parked in the designated motorcycle parking lot on the Barranca side.
Please be aware that motorcycles parked in automobile parking spaces will be ticketed. No decals are needed for bicycles. Bicyle racks are in the rear of the center patio.