Office of the Associate Vice President


Thank you for your interest in the Cal State Fullerton Irvine Center, where the University offers an array of programs to students in a small scale environment while supporting the South County Region with focuses on business, economic and workforce development.


The Novel Caronavirus (COVID-19) has introduced a number of challenges to all of us and we at the Cal State Fullerton Irvine Center stand ready to do what we can to continue to further the University’s educational mission, stay connected to and support our many partners in South County, and be part of Orange County’s effort to come through this crisis.

 If you are a student who takes courses at Irvine, remember that, though our building is temporarily closed, the people you count on to support you, including our academic, career, financial aid, and psychological counseling staff, as well as tutors and supplemental instruction assistants, will continue to be available and will maximize virtual resources to get you the help and information you need.

 If you are a faculty member who teaches some or all of your courses at the Irvine Center, know that the resources of the entire University are here to help you get through this mid-semester shift in modalities, with technical, pedagogical and other supports you need to finish Spring 2020 successfully. If you applied for equipment or supplies via our Miscellaneous Course Fee process, know that we are moving forward with the acquisition of this equipment and it will be ready for you once we resume normal operations.

 If you are now or are interested in taking courses from Extension and International Programs, please see for information on offerings and plans to navigate the coming weeks and months.

 Finally, if you are a group interested in renting space at the Irvine Center, please continue to follow our webpage on updates about when the space will reopen. We host over 100 meetings each year given our excellent location and attractive facilities, so please keep us in mind.

 Most importantly, please take good care of yourself and each other.



Stephan R. Walk

Associate Vice President, South County Operations and Initiatives