Guaranteed Accounting Program
[GAP 4+1]

What is GAP4+1? Simply, it is a fast-track Guaranteed Accounting Program for high school seniors wishing to pursue an accounting degree. Students accepted into this program are guaranteed a Bachelor of Arts degree from CSUF Mihaylo College of Business & Economics in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting in 4 years. Spending one more year, the students earn a Master of Science in Accountancy and will have met the educational requirements to become a CPA.

This program is unique, because the first two years of the GAP4+1 program will be delivered at IVC, and the last two (or three years for a Master’s degree) by CSUF, primarily at CSUF Irvine Center. How can this be done? Through the creative partnership between CSUF and IVC, the list of classes for each student has been agreed upon and space will be reserved in those classes for the GAP4+1 students.   For more information, you may contact the Project Director, April Morris, at or visit Irvine Valley CollegeOpens in new window  website for application.


Pictured here are some of the current spring of 2017 GAP4+1 Accounting Program students and Program Director, April Morris attending a "Meet the Firms" event at the Doubletree in Irvine.

Accounting students attending a Meet the Firmsevent
Accounting students attending a "Meet the Firms" event at the Doubletree in Irvine