Academic Advising at Irvine


Our Academic Advising team supports all CSUF students in reaching their educational goals.


Do you have a quick advising-related question that doesn't require a full appointment? Do you just want someone to look over your preliminary schedule? Use our quick advising form and get an answer within 48 business hours.



Michelle Lucio, Business Advisor, (657) 278-1656


Visit Michelle for:

  • Mandatory New student advisement for business majors
  • Probation advisement for business majors
  • Questions regarding classes and other business major related matters

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Tracey Sohner, Retention Specialist, (657) 278-1683


Visit Tracey for:

  • General academic advisement for freshmen or  sophomores
  • Advising for Academic Probation

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Mindy Chang, Graduation Specialist, (657) 278-1789


Visit Mindy for:

  • Assistance applying for graduation
  • Advisement for juniors or seniors

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