Graduation Specialist

Ready to graduate? Questions for Graduation?

The CSUF Irvine Center Graduation Specialist is devoted to assisting our Junior and Senior students in reviewing and identifying any deficiency in graduation requirements. In addition, our Graduation Specialist will work with individual students to help them overcome obstacles that may prevent them from achieving their academic goals.



Mindy Chang
Phone: (657) 278-1789
Room 145 Make an Appointment
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The Irvine Center Graduation Specialist Will Help Students:

  • Clearly understand and interpret the Titan Degree Audit (TDA).
  • Avoid graduation requirement "surprises".
  • Understand how and when to apply for graduation through the student portal.
  • Understand the difference between graduation and commencement.
  • Understand institutional policies and procedures regarding graduation.
  • Become familiar with campus resources that support student success.
  • Explore the options after graduation: the future career path and graduate school opportunities.