Graduation Specialist

Until further notice I have been instructed to conduct advisement sessions remotely. To make things a bit easier I’ve created an advisement sheet for students who just had quick questions or needed their Summer or Fall schedules looked over. Please visit to fill out the form, and either I or Tracey will get back to you in 1 business day.

If you had a more complicated issue and needed to make an appointment you can still do so through CSUF’s new TitanNet system. Please visit our Titannet tutorial  if you needed step by step instructions on how to make an appointment through TitanNet.

As the Graduation Specialist, I am here to help you through any obstacles that stand between you and your goal of graduating. Please feel free to make an appointment with me if you need help with:

· Figuring out when/how to apply for graduation

· Changing your graduation date

· Graduation deferral notices/letters

· Defining specific graduation requirements

I am also here for general advising for any students who need help figuring out courses and schedules.

If you have a quick question that may not require a full 30 minutes, or if you can’t make it during office hours please feel free to email me at



Mindy Chang
Mindy Chang
Phone: (657) 278-1789 Make an Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I apply for graduation?

We recommend you apply for graduation about two semesters in advance. This is to allow enough time to catch any missing requirements or issues with the TDA before your final semester. If you have missed the deadline to apply for graduation please make an appointment with me or another Graduation Specialist ASAP.

How do I apply for graduation?
How to Apply for Graduation


How do I change my graduation date?
Please email me at with a request to change your grad date. Please include your name, CWID, and what term you’d like to change your grad date to. You will receive a notification when your grad date change has been processed