University Police

In an emergency please dial one of the following:
Extension 1626 from a campus phone only to get CSUF Irvine Center Police Dept. We are located in room 129.
Extension 2515 from a campus phone to get CSUF Dispatch.

911 from a cell phone at CSUF Irvine Center will reach the Irvine PD.
911 from all campus phones to get CSUF Police Department who will dispatch emergency personnel.


If you observe a crime in progress, or if someone needs help urgently, call x2515 (CSUF Police Dispatch) immediately from your campus phone. Pre-program your cell phone with the CSUF University Police main number: (657) 278-2515 in case you need to call for help. To contact the CSUF Irvine Center PD from your cell call (657) 278-1626.


  • Be prepared to give the dispatcher information regarding your name, location, type of injuries, type of vehicles, description of subjects and what specifically you are reporting. If you find someone is suspicious tell the dispatcher what is suspicious (i.e., the person did not look like a student, demanded money from you, smelled of alcohol, had a pungent smell, had disheveled clothing, looked homeless or were following too closely to you). For more tips go to Personal Security Tips.
  • If you do have an incident to report, be sure to avoid handling any items prior to police arrival, so that evidence it not destroyed.
  • If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and it is safe to do so, move your car to a secure location when it is safe to do so and contact University Police immediately.
  • The Irvine Center Jeanne Clery Disclosure, the Jeanne Clery Crime StatisticsPDF File   PDF File , the Annual Security Report  PDF File , and the Annual Fire Safety Report  PDF File are taken from the CSUF University Police .
  • For Lost and Found items check them into the CSUF Irvine Center Police Department.
  • If you feel unsafe walking to the parking lot, you may request an escort by our security officers.


Monday – Temporarily Closed

Friday: Temporarily Closed

The livescan office is located in UPD office # 129Saturday & Sunday  

PHONE  (657) 278-1626


R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Program

CSUF University Police Department periodically offers the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Classes for female students, staff, and faculty of the University. For more information, including dates of upcoming classes see the RAD Web page at in new window


  Livescan Finger- printing Services

Livescan fingerprinting service is now available. For more information, go to the   Fingerprinting page   or contact the University police at the Irvine Center.