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HOW TO make an APPOINTMENT for online/Virtual tutoring

  • Click the link to open the online appointment
  • Under "Select Service"  click "Tutoring Annex - and the subject you need help with." 
  • Under "Select Staff Member" click on the tutor's name to bring up their calendar. 
  • Click on an available date and select a time for your appointment. Please write a brief description of what you need help with under "Special Instructions."
  • Sessions with tutors are 30 minutes.  Students may book 1 session per week.  Appointments need to be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Students will receive a Zoom meeting link for your online tutoring session.
  • After two no-shows, you will be barred from making appointments.
  • Tutors and students work collaboratively to identify appropriate strategies and approaches to solving problems.  Writing tutors help guide students through the writing and revising process; they DO NOT edit papers.




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Subjects: ISDS 361A, ISDS 361B, ACCT 301A, ECON 315





Danielle Pic

My name is Danielle Richmond.  I am currently in my junior year of my undergrad at CSUF.  I transferred from IVC last fall.  My major is Business Administration with Accounting as my concentration.  My goal is to become a CPA.  In my extra time, I enjoy staying connected and involved within my church.  I also enjoy watching my son play basketball and going to professional hockey games.  I look forward to working with you and hope I can help you better understand the material!


Subjects: Math (all levels)

Spring 2020 Weekly Schedule: Click to Make an Appointment

Mondays: 8am-10am

Tuesdays: 8am-10am

Wednesdays: 8am-10am

Thursdays: 8am-12pm

Samantha Pic

 My name is Samantha Jenny. I graduated at Oregon State University in spring 2018 with my Bachelors in Mathematics and minor in Actuarial Sciences. I am currently enrolled in the CSUF Mathematics (Teaching Option) Graduate program. Some of my favorite math subjects include algebra, trigonometry, and combinatorics. I tutor most lower division mathematics courses, like algebra, precalculus, and calculus. Fun facts about me: I am a huge animal lover. I have two rescue dogs, an Akita Inu and a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I also like to make wheel thrown pottery when I am not busy. I am looking forward to working on math problems with you!



Subjects: ISDS 361A, ISDS 361B, ECON 315, FIN 320

Spring 2020 Weekly Schedule:  Click to Make an Appointment

Wednesdays: 12:00pm-5:00pm

Fridays: 8:00am-1pm

cristofer tutor

My name is Cristofer Martinez and I'm a senior here at CSUF. I'm studying business with a concentration in Finance. I hope to be a financial analyst for a while and later continue to get a masters and teach at a community college. Fun fact about me: When it comes to food, if I haven't something before, I have to try it. On my free time, I'm either hiking, swimming, learning for fun or exploring new restaurants. I'm always happy to help people who seek it, so I look forward to working with you.


 Subject: Writing

Spring 2020 Weekly Schedule: Click to Make an Appointment

Wednesdays: 2:30pm-5:30pm (30 minute appointments)

Fridays: 9:00am-12:00pm (30 minute appointments)

Ann Tutor

Hello. My name is Ann Tarantine and, currently, I am enrolled as a post-graduate CSUF student in the TESOL (Teaching English as Second Language) certificate program for the goal of teaching ESL to adult learners at the local community colleges. Additionally, for the last five years I have been working as an instructor at Long Beach City College, where I assist students with developing their college level reading and writing skills. Thus, I am excited to have the opportunity to help CSUF students with the writing process, including -but not limited to – thesis development, organization, sentence structure, or correct MLA/APA format. When not working or hitting the books, I spend any extra time running OC’s open trails, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, spoiling our dogs, and traveling. One particularly favorite travel experience was seeing the Northern Lights in the Yukon Territory (Canada). Look forward to working with you all on your varied writing projects this semester.

Supplemental Instruction (ROOM IRVC-203)

SI Leader: Heather Biddinger

Subject: ISDS 361A

Spring 2020 Schedule:

Saturdays: 10:30am-1:00pm

Room Location: IRVC-203










  Please contact Dr. Futoshi Nakagawa, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs  
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