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Date: June 2, 2014

To: CSUF - Irvine Campus Faculty Colleagues

From: Susan M. Cooper, Ed.D.
Dean, Irvine Campus

Welcome to the Irvine Campus! We are pleased that you are joining us as we have experienced tremendous growth in student enrollment during the past year. We now have freshmen and sophomores as well as our upper division, graduate and credential students.

We are happy to say that the Ed.D. Program from the College of Education has joined us this summer!

Please check in with Nadine Dillon at the front desk to get your keys, copy code, office number and voice mail box. She will direct you to your mailbox as well as have you complete a faculty information form. If you need any help with the technology in your classroom, please call Dan or Mo at the IT helpdesk at x1610. If you want to learn to use the laser pens for the interactive data projectors, please ask them for a training session. Scantron, Xerox and Par Score machines are located in the faculty lounge in Room 202.

Dr. Dorota Huizinga has been our Director of Special Projects for the past year. She has been working with me on several Irvine Campus needs such as strategic planning, WASC, faculty development and grants. Her graduate student will be happy to assist you with any data base searches or other help you might need in terms of research.

Please remember that students in your classes may take advantage of free and reduced cost software such as Mat Lab, Front Door, Windows, MS Office, and Adobe Creative Cloud by visiting the ARC in Room 127 with their Titan Card.

Our Titan Bookstore will have a supply of your requested textbooks, Scantron forms, copy packets and instructional materials. Please be sure you do not request students go to Fullerton to pick up their class materials. We have vending machines as well as food in the bookstore. Please contact Robert Flores at x1658 for DSS accommodations for your students. If you want to set up a study group for your students, please talk with Marsha Daughetee at x1655. If you need to report an absence, please call Charlene Keith at x1650 or Nadine Dillon at x1601. If we do not get a call or email notification that you are not holding class, we will expect you to hold class on campus.

I hope that you enjoy your summer with us. Please let us know if we can do anything to assist you.

Susan Cooper

Susan M. Cooper, Ed.D.
President, National Association of Branch Campus Administrators
California State University Fullerton
Dean of the Irvine Campus
Phone: (657) 278-1605