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Student Affairs


The Student Affairs office supports students seeking high quality education and personal attention on which the CSUF, Irvine Campus has built its reputation. The vision: To practice excellence and build on the strengths students bring to the institution; promote change, social responsibility, personal growth, empowerment and new ideas; provide opportunities for community involvement, multicultural experiences and leadership training; enhance sensitivity to issues concerning diversity; and advocate for student success. Student Affairs assists admitted CSUF Irvine and Fullerton campus students by providing student services such as academic advisement, financial aid, disability support services, career counseling, personal counseling, tutoring/study groups, student engagement and CSUF Associated Students, Inc. sponsored events. We invite you to visit our office (IRVC-115) and explore the variety of services available to assist you in your educational achievements.

Contact Information:
Location: Irvine Campus - 115
Phone: (657) 278-1650
Fax: (657) 278-1659

Want to see an academic advisor, financial aid advisor, talk with somebody in career services, learn more about creating a student
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