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University Police

Police vehicle

In an emergency please dial one of the following:
Extension 1626 from a campus phone only to get CSUF Irvine Campus Police Dept. We are located in room 129.
Extension 2515 from a campus phone to get CSUF Dispatch.
911 to get Irvine Police Department.

TIPS ON PERSONAL SAFETY To help avoid becoming a victim of a crime when you are out and about or at work, always be aware of your safety and surroundings. Be proactive and plan what you would do if you were to encounter an assault. Take a Rape Aggression Defense Class or any self-defense class, to help you prepare the right mental mind-set. To see the RAD web page, go to the main campus web page at Click on the University Police link located on the left of the Additional Quick Links section, then click on the bottom left Self Defense Video (R.A.D.) link (hint: turn your speakers up).


  • Always be aware of the people around you and your surroundings.
  • Make eye contact with people when walking.
  • Walk confidently and have keys ready in hand (they can be used as a weapon). Avoid dangerous places at night alone.
  • Do not be easily distracted or take your eyes off of someone you feel looks suspicious in a possibly dangerous situation.
  • Always carry ID and cash in case you need to use a pay phone or take a taxi.
  • Buddy-up to walk out in dark parking lots, turn back if it feels unsafe, call for an escort or wait until others walk out.
  • Always tell family or friends where you are going and inform them of any travel plans.
  • When on a walk or jog, stay away from trees and bushes.
  • If approached by a driver offering a ride, turn & go in the opposite direction. Write down the license plate and car description.
  • Remember to use your cell phone camera from a safe distance and report incident to police. Do not have a cell in one ear and an iPod in the other, this makes you an easy target.
  • Avoid isolated bus stops. Stand away from the curb until the bus arrives.
  • If a strange driver approaches you move away from the enclosed bench area and be ready to run in the opposite direction. SCREAM and don't stay in the same spot.
  • Don't open your purse or wallet while boarding the bus, have your fare ready.
  • During off hours sit as close to the bus driver as possible.
  • Draw a lot of attention to someone bothering you, suspects do not like this.
  • Remember if you feel someone is suspicious for whatever reason, you do not have to answer them, do not let them close in on your personal space.
  • Never leave your purse, briefcase or backpack unattended. Lock it up when you leave your desk or office.
  • Do not leave cash or valuables at your office.
  • If you work alone before or after normal business hours, keep the office door locked. Let family or friends know your location on campus if it is not part of your normal routine.
  • If you work late, try to find another worker to walk out with you or request an escort. Make sure have your keys ready in-hand when you walk out.
  • Do not get into an elevator with a person that makes you feel uncomfortable, wait for the next one.
  • Be aware of escape routes for emergencies, and program police and fire phone numbers in your cell for quick access.
  • Coordinate with co-workers a code word in case you need help when faced with a difficult student or person. Example, when you feel threatened by a suspicious, dangerous or disturbed person. (ex. when you feel threatened by a suspicious, dangerous or disturbed person.)

Iris on duty

Corporal Iris Cortes-Valle
Phone: (657) 278-1626
Office: 129