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Fall of 2014 Transfer Student Academic Advisement

As an admitted CSUF student you may register for classes at either the Fullerton or Irvine Campus through TITAN online registration. Registration for Fall 2014 classes begins by appointment in July. Individual advisement appointments at IRVC are not available for Transfer students (other than Business majors) accepted for Fall 2014. Get to know the Irvine Campus by viewing our online Transfer Student presentation.

  1. Mandatory Transfer Orientation - Transfer students are required to attend a mandatory orientation. There are two options to complete the mandatory orientation requirement:
    1. OPTION 1: Transfer Student Orientation In-Person - The CSUF Irvine Campus TSO is Friday July 18th, 2014. Please refer to the orientation website for complete details and other dates on the Fullerton Campus. At the in-person Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) session, you will have the opportunity to meet other transfer students, receive academic advisement, and meet faculty in your major. You will also have an opportunity to connect with campus resources, get your TitanCard, sign up for the Student Recreation Center, and take an optional campus tour. This is a great step toward being prepared for your first day at CSUF.
    2. OPTION 2: Online Transfer Overview - The Online Transfer Overview (OTO) is a 45 minute electronic overview of campus resources and services. OTO will highlight important policies, campus resources, and provide you with the contact information and locations for advisors in your college. Participation in the online overview satisfies the orientation requirement for transfer students, but does not provide personalized academic advising. Transfer students who choose the online transfer overview option are invited to attend and Academic Advisement Seminar at IRVC.
  2. Academic Advisement Seminar - Advisement at IRVC for first semester transfer students who prefer the Online Transfer Overview option is accomplished by attending an Academic Advisement Seminar in a small group setting. Individualized advisement materials are prepared for each attendee. Topics covered include: Titan Degree Audit; Putting it all Together (GE, Major, Electives or minor) and Suggested Schedule for your first semester; Get your Titan Card; and Get Involved at IRVC. Due to the amount of information to cover, individual advisement appointments are not available for new transfer students at IRVC.
  3. Register for either the Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) at IRVC on July 18th or an Academic Advisement Seminar at IRVC being offered throughout the summer.

Important hint # 1 - to make your first semester advisement and registration successful: Your registration appointment window is assigned by the number of units earned on the Titan Degree Audit (TDA)- Coursework and units from official transcripts are posted to the TDA. Your fall registration appointment window will be available on your Student Portal. If you have not submitted OFFICIAL transcripts, you do not have any information on your TDA and your registration window will reflect a later date. Unofficial transcripts are not posted to your TDA. Academic Advisement is provided based on information on your TDA and official transcripts on file. To make the most of your academic advisement experience and receive a registration date appropriate for Junior (60 units) or Senior (90units) standing:

  • Submit all official transcripts from all colleges attended NOW, even if you have work in progress during Summer 2014; AND request all final official transcripts be sent once spring or summer 2014 grades have been posted.
  • Adhere to all deadline dates for submitting documents to CSUF.