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Disability Support Services


  • New students who have not had accommodations at CSUF or at a previous college must complete the Application for Services form.
  • New students who have a learning or psychological disability will also complete the Confidential Screening Questionnaire and Consent for Counseling and/or Psycho-educational Assessment forms.
  • If a student has been diagnosed with a learning disability, or AD/HD should provide copies of their learning disability assessment results/testing or they can give DSS the Consent for the Exchange/Release of Information form. The DSS office will contact the school for LD assessment/testing results.
  • Students who have LD assessment results older than three to five years, or who have never been assessed for an LD or AD/HD, may be required to undergo a current assessment. We may offer assessment services to enrolled students. However, due to the high demand for LD and AD/HD assessments, we are only able to assess a few students each semester. To seek assessment outside of the University, you may consider contacting Argosy University at 714-338-6248 or a local Psychologist or Educational Psychologist.
  • If a student has been diagnosed with a psychological disability, a Disability Verification form must be completed by a licensed professional.
  • Students who have a physical or functional disability must fill out the Disability Verification form to confirm disability.
  • All students requiring services will also need to complete Student Support Services Form. This form must be submitted each semester you are enrolled and in need of DSS services.
  • Completed forms can be submitted to Student Affairs, IRVC-115 and will be faxed to Disability Support Services at the Fullerton campus where DSS assessments are conducted.
  • Once received, the DSS office will review and contact the student to set up an appointment with a DSS counselor at Fullerton. The process can be one to three weeks depending on the volume students applying for services
  • Once appropriate documentation has been evaluated and declared eligible for accommodations by DSS counselors, DSS can Fax or email your Letter(s) of Accommodations to Student Affairs at the Irvine Campus and email a copy to your professor(s).
  • During the course of the semester the student may wish to use an alternate location for testing. In this case, the student will need pick up or download a TESTING INFORMATION form from Student Affairs, IRVC-115 which must be completed by the student and instructor prior to the test date (1 week ahead of exam date). Students should take exams at the same time as the rest of the class unless there is prior approval from the professor.

The professor and student need to discuss the time and date that the student will take the exam. It is important that the instructor note all materials allowed to the entire class. Any special instructions should be included. If the testing form is to be used for weekly quizzes, please indicate such in the Special Instructions section and the form will be followed for the entire semester. It is critical that the professor complete the sections marked Test Procurement and Test Return and Delivery and that the form is signed. This verifies that the professor has reviewed the entire form and has had a discussion with the student regarding the exam. If the form is not signed by the professor, the DSS staff will not be permitted to administer the exam.

When the Testing Information Form has been completed, it should be returned to Student Affairs, IRVC-115. It is the responsibility of the professor to see that the exam is delivered to be administered.

When the test is administered, start and ending time are noted on testing information form. Completed form is kept on file for at least one semester.

Disability Support Services at Fullerton: (657) 278-3112.