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Transferring Community College Courses

Sometimes CSU Fullerton students take classes at local community colleges and then transfer those units to CSU Fullerton. If the student plans to use a community college class to satisfy a General Education (GE) requirement, it is imperative that the student take one that is equivalent to the CSUF class listed in that section of GE. While students who transfer to CSU Fullerton with CSU certification can use a wider variety of courses to satisfy GE requirements, CSU Fullerton students are held to our specific selection of GE courses. This rule is applicable both for the native student who begins his/her academic career at CSU Fullerton and to the transfer student after transfer.

A CSUF freshman decides to take a summer course at Cypress College to satisfy the Life Science requirement for General Education. The student must take a course that equates to BIOL 101, 102 or CHEM 105. None of the other life science courses at Cypress or any other community college will satisfy the Life Science GE requirement.

A student at Cypress College transfers to CSUF with certification using Environmental Studies 105 to satisfy Life Science. A native CSUF student would not be allowed to use this class to satisfy Life Science because CSUF students must take BIOL 101, 102 or 131 to satisfy this requirement. Environmental Studies 105 is not articulated with any of these courses.

A student transfers from Cypress without a life science course and now wants to go back to "pick up" that class. The student could not use Environmental Studies 105. The student would have to take an articulated class that equates to BIOL 101, 102 or 131. Once the student transfers, the student must now follow the rules applicable to the native student.