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Upper Division Graduation Requirements

Upper Division General Education (GE) Requirement:
All students, transfer or native, must complete 9 units of upper division GE from the approved list of GE courses. Classes offered by the department of the student's major may not be used to satisfy this requirement. For example, an Afro-Ethnic Studies major may not use AFRO311 to satisfy GE requirements but the Human Services major may use it, even though the class may apply to the major for both students. Click here to view majors with requirements that can be fulfilled with classes that double count for GE requirements.

Upper Division Baccalaureate Writing Requirement:
Each major at CSU Fullerton has designated one or more courses as satisfying the upper division writing requirement for the baccalaureate degree.

Grad Check
Once the student reaches senior status (90 units), the student is eligible to submit a grad check. Ideally, the grad check should be submitted approximately one year in advance of graduation. This is the final review of the student's records to officially confirm what the student must do to fulfill remaining requirements for the bachelor's degree. The grad check is first completed by Admissions & Records where general education requirements are reviewed. Next an advisor in the student's major reviews the grad check for remaining requirements for the major. For complete details click here.