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How can the IRVC Career center assist faculty?

The IRVC Career Center is eager to collaborate with faculty to provide classroom presentations and in-class workshops upon request!

Overview Presentations Include:

  • An IRVC Career Center overview of services
  • Academic Internships overview

Comprehensive Presentations Include:

  • Resume and/or cover letter writing
  • Job search strategies, including networking
  • Best practices for LinkedIn
  • Interviewing Tips and Exercises
  • Career Exploration

The IRVC Career Center can create a customized, field-focused classroom presentation based on your needs! Please contact Andreana Pettersen, Career Advisor, at apettersen@fullerton.edu to place a presentation request at the Irvine Campus.
***Please note, short-notice presentation requests are subject to availability.***

How can faculty assist the irvc career center?

The IRVC Career Center hosts career related events and workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters for a range of majors. Any efforts by faculty to spread the word about IRVC Career Center events is greatly appreciated.

In addition, some faculty incorporate career development assignments into their syllabi. This might include an assignment to have a resume review or attend an IRVC Career workshop or event. Incorporating career development into class assignments not only helps students work towards career readiness, it assists the IRVC Career Center in student out-reach efforts, resulting in more appointments and increased event attendance. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


A Portrait of Andreana Pettersen

Andreana Pettersen

Career Advisor

IRVC- Room146