Admissions, Registration, and TitanCard

The function of this One-Stop Service Center in Room 144 at the CSUF Irvine Campus is to assist lower division, upper-division and graduate students, staff, faculty and visitors with information and service in the areas of Admissions, Registration, and TitanCard. These services include information on:

  • Policy and procedures for admission and registration
  • Adding/dropping of classes
  • Change of major/minor
  • Dropping off sealed transcripts or grade cards
  • Proof in immunization
  • Verifications
  • Name and address changes
  • Change of Objectives
  • Grades
  • Faculty office hours

All Irvine Campus Cashiering Transactions take place at the IRVINE CASHIERING KIOSK located in the Student Success Center (IRVC-115).

THE NEW IRVINE CASHIERING KIOSK serves various University cashiering functions, which include Tuition fees, deferred payments, graduation checks, request for transcripts, TitanCard, and numerous miscellaneous fees.

Forms of payment accepted: Electronic Checks , Credit & Debit Cards.



Tuesday & Wednesday

Please call and check

Monday & Friday-Saturday-Sunday

Room 144
PHONE (657) 278-1681