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Start a club on campus

Every student organization, whether it is a new organization or previously registered last year, is required to complete this registration process every academic year in order to be recognized as an official student organization with CSUF and to be granted privileges  as a registered student organization.  Visit the Clubs & Organizations website to get started.

Get Involved with Irvine ASI Productions Coordinators
The Irvine ASI Productions (ASIP) Coordinators plan a variety of events throughout the semester to boost student engagement. Some of their events include food trucks, movie screenings, and giveaways. If you are interested in volunteering to assist the ASIP Coordinators with the implementation of events, please stop by the ASIP office located in room 140 or email

Engage with your professors
Sit in the front of class, visit faculty office hours, send your professors emails, and begin to develop relationships with your favorite faculty members. Professors are central to your educational journey, and they are full of wisdom and experience. Cultivating relationships with faculty can help with job hunting, graduate school applications, and general life advice. Did we mention that it can also help boost your GPA? Good luck!



Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi

Accounting Society (AS) and Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) are nonprofit student organizations that facilitate interactions between students and professionals. If you are an accounting, finance, or ISDS major, looking for a professional position, or you want to get more involved on the Irvine Campus, then AS and BAP can help!

We are all about building relationships with colleagues and networking with professionals. Both clubs have a large presence at the Fullerton Campus, but also have opportunities for members that attend the Irvine Campus. Events include weekly speaker meetings, sporting events, office tours, mock interviews, and Meet the Firms. Of course, after you sign up with either club, you can take advantage of both Irvine and Fullerton campus events.

Accounting Society members are not committed to meet any specific hours; however, BAP, as an honored club, expects its members to meet a set number of hours and maintain certain GPA requirements. If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information, please email us!

Accounting Society:

Beta Alpha Psi:
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