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California State University, Fullerton

CourseSmart for the iPad

As a faculty member at California State University, Fullerton, you have instant access to your eTextbooks through the faculty portal.

Now, you can also access these same eTextbooks on your iPad or other mobile device (iPhone, Android) with the CourseSmart App.

Accessing Your Account

Offline Reading

Accessing your Account:

  1. Because CSU, Fullerton is participating in the Faculty Instant Access Program (FIA) from CourseSmart, logging in to the faculty portal (your University Single Sign-On) also gives you access to your CourseSmart account. Clicking on the CourseSmart link within the faculty portal will automatically allow you access to your digital Bookshelf, without a separate log-in.

  2. But, to access your account through other means—either going directly to or through the iPad app—you will need to define a new password for use outside your portal. This new password can match your existing password, but it is not required.

  3. After you access your Bookshelf for the first time, follow the steps for “Forgot your Password” on to have your password reset.

  4. Once you receive your reset password, use it on the iPad app.


Offline Reading

CourseSmart's iPad app allows local caching of content to be accessible when you don’t have an internet connection, but you must first locally cache content to your mobile device.  An Internet connection is needed to connect and synchronize your device content with your online CourseSmart Bookshelf.

In addition to any chapters you have selected for caching, pages you have recently viewed will also be available offline.

IMPORTANTIN ORDER TO USE THE IPAD WHILE OFFLINE, DO NOT LOG OUT OF THE APPLICATION. YOU CAN QUIT AND RESTART THE APPLICATION AT ANYTIME, BUT YOU CAN ONLY LOG BACK INTO THE APPLICATION WHILE ONLINEIf you do not have an Internet connection, and are not logged in to the app, you will not have access to your cached materials.

To cache your eTextbook sections on the iPad:
  1. Select the green arrow on the book cover within the Bookshelf. The app will retrieve the Table of Contents and present you with the list of sections available for caching. Sections with a blue √ have already been cached on your mobile app. 

  2. To select a section, touch the circle next to the section name. The sections to be cached will have green arrows next to them.

  3. Press "Download Selected" to cache the section(s). A progress indicator will appear in the lower right. The spinner indicates that the file is being prepared for caching and the green progress indicator shows completion of caching.

CourseSmart eTextbooks include graphics used in the print versions of books, and as a result consist of large files. Expect caching to take a minute for every 10 pages, e.g., a 100-page section could take 10 minutes to cache. 

Reading Cached sections

Books that have cached sections will have a blue √ icon on the book cover. Only these books can be opened while offline, and only sections that have been cached or previously viewed can be accessed.

When reading offline, you cannot search text or create new notes.

When you get to a new section cached on the iPad, the application will ask for you to "Please Wait" while it prepares the section for viewing. The length of the wait is proportional to the size of the section being prepared.