2021 McNair Scholars Program Virtual Research Symposium 


Welcome to the 2021 CSUF McNair Scholars Virtual Research Symposium! Our Symposium showcases the compelling research our McNair Scholars are conducting under the guidance of their CSUF McNair faculty mentors. Our Scholars’ faculty mentored research experiences facilitate their intellectual and scientific development, while preparing them for successful entrance into Ph.D. programs. We invite you to view our Scholars’ presentations on a diverse range of timely topics, from active aerodynamics in ground vehicles, to Latinx college students’ experiences with mental illness, to ethical decision making in hospital settings. As you will learn, with the mentorship of CSUF faculty members, our McNair Scholars are exploring and investigating the most important scientific, political, and social issues of our time. 




Elizabeth ZavalaDr. Elizabeth Zavala-Acevez

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs

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Adriana BadilloAdriana Badillo


Center for Educational Partnerships









Patricia LitertePatricia Literte Ph.D.


McNair Scholars Program

Associate Professor of Sociology

Email: pliterte@fullerton.edu











Scholar Poster Presentations


Patrick Babb

Patrick Babb

Mentor - Dr. Salvador Mayoral

"Active Aerodynamics in Ground Vehicles"







Lanette EspinosaLanette Espinosa

Mentor - Dr. Andrew Petit

"Photobasicity of Aromatic Heterocycles Containing Sulfur and Oxygen"








Alan GuandiqueAlan Guandique

Mentor - Dr. Lisa Mori

"Latine and White Collegiates' Attibuations of GAD and Sleep Paralysis"







Daisy Gomez-Fuentes

Daisy Gomez-Fuentes

Mentor - Dr. Julian Jefferies

"First-Generation College Latinx Students and Their Families Negotiating Study Abroad"







Elston LewisElston Lewis

Mentor -   Dr. Sagil James

"Hybrid Offshore Renewable Energy Harvesting Systems"






Mykayla MillerMykayla Miller

Mentor - Dr. Marcos Ortega

"Novel Therapeutic Studies of Prostate Cancer Prevention"








Marlo MoralesMarlo Morales

Mentor - Dr. Geoffrey Lovelace

"Calculating the behavior of warped spacetime of a black hole with SpECTRE"







Sydney WashingtonSydney Washington

Mentor - Dr. Ella Ben Hagai

"How Concussions Impact Depressive Symptoms in Collegiate Football Player"