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The CSUF McNair Summer Institute

The jewel of the CSUF McNair Scholars is its intensive Summer Institute, which is filled with opportunities to attend seminars and workshops, as well as the annual “Grad Tour.” The Grad Tour is a weeklong trip to a college town somewhere in the U.S. It gives students a chance to visit top-tier universities and get a feel for college life outside of California . The Summer Institute seminars and workshops focus on three main components of success at the graduate level: graduate school-oriented workshops that provide students with the tools they need to select and apply for top programs in their field, student-focused workshops that provide skills in time-management, and building relationships with professors, and research-focused workshops that help students develop a graduate-level research project with a faculty mentor.

The 2007-2008 cohort stand a top of the Lehman Hall steps at Harvard University.
The 2007-2008 cohort stand atop the Lehman Hall steps at Harvard University.

Our summer workshops are held throughout the summer season. Below is a list of workshops during our 2013 Summer Institute: