Become a MSI Success Scholar

By becoming a MSI Success Scholar at Cal State Fullerton, Scholars get the opportunity to take part in program events and activities, commit to academic success, and develop supportive relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.  Each of our MSI Success Scholars at CSUF are on their own unique path to academic and career success.

In addition, MSI Success Scholars are supported by caring and understanding staff members who empower and encourage them to reach the fullness of their potential. Obtaining a college degree can be challenging, but with a proper support system in place, the sky is the limit for our scholars.

Group of MSI Scholars The MSI Success Scholarship Application for Fall 2020 is now open for  all accepted incoming first time freshman.  Check the Main Scholarship Page for all Deadlines.

 Apply to Become an MSI Success Scholar

  The MSI Success Scholarships opens applications annually for all accepted incoming first time freshman to apply for.     Students must have already applied to CSUF in order to access the application. 

Apply OnlineOpens in new window via the student portal


Looking for the Application?

The MSI Success Scholarship Application is located in the CSUF Student Portal. There are several programs which use the scholarship portal so make sure you click on the appropriate application. Please note that students may be eligble for multiple program and are encouranged to look into the other programs if they are interested. 

You can access the application through your student portal by   clicking on this linkOpens in new window , or by navigating through this tutorial.

  1. Go to , Click on “Students” to log in
  2. Type in your username and password, click “Login”.    If you can not remember your log in info or need help logging in, more info can be found through admissions.
  3. Once in your portal click on the search box under your name and search for “scholarships” then click on the app named “Scholarships”
  4. This will take you to the Honors & Scholars Program Online Application. Click “Open Scholarship Application” to get started with your application.
  5. On the Scholarship Portal there are two active applications. To complete the MSI Success Scholarship Application you must click the first blue box that says “CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY - FULLERTON SCHOLARSHIP & AWARD APPLICATION ”.
  6. You will be directed to a  questionnaire where you must complete every question.
  7. The last question will ask " Are you interested in the Male Success Initiative?" and upon answering "yes" you will be able to access the "Male Success Scholarship Application".

Step By Step Instructions (With Screenshots)PDF File Opens in new window

Please note the following:

  • DEADLINES     - Visit the main MSI-Success Scholar webpage for all deadlines. 
  • APPLICATION SUBMISSION     - We can only review your application once you have completed the whole application, entered your essay, added recommenders, and clicked submit.
  • RECOMMENDERS     – Your recommenders only get notified when you click submit. You may want to consider submitting your application before the deadline so your recommender has time to complete their part.
  • TECH SUPPORT     - If you need technical support please contact     scholarshiphelp@fullerton.eduOpens in new window