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Emeriti News

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We have added a new feature to our CSUF Emeriti News Page.  The CSU-ERFA "news box" on the left includes links to recent news of interest to all retired faculty and staff members from the California State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association.  (If you don't see the news box, refresh your browser and it should load.)

November 2010

Roger L. Albers:  We have received the very sad news that Sandy Sutphen's husband, Roger L. Albers, has passed away following a long battle with cancer.

Information about a memorial service for Roger will be sent out when we receive it.

Emeriti Holiday Event: This year's Emeriti Holiday Event will be the Sunday December 12th, 4 PM performance of "Christmas at Cal State Fullerton" featuring the University Singers, Concert Choir, and Brass Ensemble followed by a special reception for Emeriti Members.  Tickets for the concert (reservations must be made with the Theater Box Office Manager Sandra Clark -- 657-278-5936) cost $20 per person (or 3 Music Pass points).  The cost for the reception following the concert is $5 per person.  A reservation form for the reception can be downloaded here.

Ted Smyth recently wrote a tribute to J. William Maxwell; and, Ed Sowell wrote one for Gene F. Rose.  Check our Tributes page to view them.


October 2010

The Fall 2010 Issue of Emeritopics is now available online.

August 2010

We have received word from Scholarship Chair Linda Andersen that the Emeriti Memorial Scholarships for 2010 have been awarded to Taryn A. Moore of Placentia and Jessica Ordaz of Fullerton.

Ms. Moore received the undergraduate scholarship for her outstanding academic achievements and community activities.  She is a major in International Business with a concentration in Chinese.  She is studying this summer at the Shanghai International Studies University.  In China she is conducting research for her undergraduate Honors thesis on how the modern economic histories of China and the U.S. have affected their respective systems of higher education.  Ms. Moore also has contributed in positions of leadership to numerous campus and off-campus organizations.  In addition, she has received many awards, including an Outstanding Student Internationalist all-chapter award from the Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society.

Ms. Ordaz, the recipient of the Graduate Scholarship, plans to study for a doctorate in American Studies after completing her M.A. degree in that field next year.  Jessica completed triple undergraduate majors in History, Women’s Studies, and Global Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she received the University Award of Distinction in 2008.   Her sensitive and insightful scholarship is illustrated in a research paper she recently delivered entitled “California Beautiful: Places of Oppression and Spaces of Resistance throughout the Early Twentieth Century” in which she reads architecture and agrarian landscapes as historical documents.   Throughout her life she has been heavily involved in social justice organizations and gender and cultural issues and she has a particular passion for teaching for which she has found outlets as a tutor in numerous situations.

Funds for the Emeriti Memorial Scholarships come from an endowment established by the Emeriti to honor deceased members.  In addition to voluntary contributions from members, a contribution to the endowment is made as a tribute to each deceased member of the Association.  In recent years the Emeriti, in addition to funding Memorial Scholarships, have made annual contributions to the Guardian Scholars Program.  The Guardian Scholars Program helps foster children continue their university education when they become emancipated at age 18.

This year Emeriti members Dorothy Heidi and Charles Frazee assisted Linda Andersen with the interview and selection process.

July 2010

Our new Emeriti officers for 2010/2011 are Nelson Woodard, President; Ernest Toy, Vice President; Sandra Sutphen, Secretary and Facilities Use Coordinator; Dorothy Heide, Treasurer; Jim Friel, Immediate Past President; Vince Buck, Representative to the Academic Senate and to CSU-ERFA; Larry de Graaf, Chair, Newsletter Committee; Lee Bellot, Chair, Special Projects Committee; Ruth Nycum, Editor, CSUF Emeriti Directory; Erika Bakken, Coordinator, Emeriti Records; Linda Andersen, Chair, Scholarship Committee; June Pollak, Coordinator, Book Sale Center; and Mark Shapiro, Webmaster.

June 2010

We have received the sad news that Anthony Schipsi, husband of Erika Bakken - Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Academic Senate Emeritus - passed away on June 20th from cancer.  Memorial services were held at Messiah Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda, CA on Friday, June 25th.  The family requests that donations in Tony's memory be made to the American Cancer Society or to the Crosson Comprehensive Cancer Center at St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton.

"Sy" Scheinberg has prepared a tribute for Danton B. Sailor, Professor of History Emeritus, who passed away in 1999.  Visit our Emeriti Tributes page to view the tribute.

May 2010

Howard Seller has provided us with an excellent tribute to Don Austin, Professor of English Emeritus, who passed away in 2004, and Charles Frazee has prepared an excellent tribute to George Saint-Laurent, Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus, who passed away in 2008.   Visit our Emeriti Tributes page to view the tribute.

April 2010

Our March 5th Emeriti Luncheon was exceptionally well attended, and our speaker Professor David Bowman's talk on "Earthquake Hazards" indeed was timely following by a few weeks the great earthquake in Chile and preceding by a few more weeks the 7.2M event in Baja California that was felt widely in the area.  Pictures from the Luncheon will be posted soon.

Tributes for Raymond V. Adams, Professor of Physics Emeritus; Andrew F. Montana, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus; and Ronald J. Crowley, Professor of Physics Emeritus recently have been added to the Emeriti Book of Tributes.

Tai K. Oh, Professor of Management Emeritus, died March 29 of lung cancer.  He was 76 years old.  Oh served the university for 28 years and was an expert in human resource management and had served as a seminar leader and consultant in both the public and private sectors with such agencies as Atlantic Richfield, Epson America and Disneyland.  Oh served on the editorial board of the Academy of Management Review, was an international referee for Asian Pacific Journal of Management and authored articles that were published in such publications as Nation's Business, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, and California Management Review.  During his tenure at Cal State Fullerton, Oh also served as a visiting professor of management at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and a visiting lecturer at Fachhochschule in Nuertingen, Germany.  He earned his doctorate in industrial relations at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1970.  He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Gretchen; three children, Erica Oh Martinetti, Elizabeth Nordlund, and Emily Navarro; four grandchildren; and siblings, Tai Kyeung Kim, Min Ja Lah, and Jun Ja Kim.

Granville W. Hough, Professor of Management Emeritus, died on March 3 from Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) at the age of 87.  He was a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, and served in the Army for 22 years with tours in South Korea, Puerto Rico and Greenland.  During his tenure in the Army, Hough completed M.S. degrees in business administration at George Washington University and mechanical engineering at USC, and his Ph.D. in public administration at the American University.  He joined the university in 1968 and served for 15 years, including a three-year term as department chair, before being awarded emeritus status.  Hough then continued to teach under the Faculty Early Retirement Program through June 1991.  He is survived by his son, David and his wife, Brenda; daughters Nancy Hough, and Bonny Miller and husband, Jerry; his brother, Donald Hough; and two grandchildren.

Levern F. Graves, Professor of Economics Emeritus, passed away on March 2nd at the age of 86 years.  Graves joined the campus in 1960 after teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno, and Florida State University, Tallahassee.  During his 26 years of service on campus, Graves was a long-standing member of the California State University Academic Senate, serving as its chair in 1970-71 following his chairmanship of the Economics Department.  In addition to teaching economic history and theory, he served as a consultant to the State Assembly and to area business.  He earned his doctorate from UC Berkeley. He is survived by his wife, Diane.

Paul W. Kane, Professor of Secondary Education Emeritus, passed away on Jan. 29, 2010 at the age of 72.  He had been fighting heart disease, a brain tumor and Parkinson's Disease since he retired from campus in 2000.  Kane joined the university in 1968 after six years of teaching at Buena Park High School and one year at Wayne State University.  He moved up the tenure ranks, becoming a full professor in 1976, and served in a number of administrative positions, including chair of the teacher education division and acting dean of the School of Education in 1974.  He also was named acting dean of the School of Human Development and Community Service in 1978-79, and followed that with several terms as chair of the Secondary Education Department. Kane, who earned his doctorate at USC, was a member of a number of professional organizations, including the National Council for Social Studies, the California Council for Social Studies, Phi Delta Kappa and the Orange County Area Social Science Association in which he served as president, a member of the executive board and newsletter editor.  He is survived by his wife, Carol; his sons, Mark, Kevin, John and Neil; and nine grandchildren.

A celebration of Kane's life will be held 1-5 p.m., Saturday, April 17 — his birthday — at the Yorba Linda Community Center, 4501 Casa Loma Ave., Yorba Linda, CA 92886-3315. The family has requested no flowers.

March 2010

The Spring 2010 Issue of Emeritopics is now available online.

The Book of Tributes for deceased members of the Emeriti is now available online.  Colleagues who wish to prepare a tribute for a deceased member of the Emeriti should send copy as a Microsoft Word attachment or plain text email to the Emeriti Webmaster.




(Free… really!)

(Note from your webmaster: Tony Rimmer, Director of the Faculty Development Center, recently sent me email about the newly-formed University Club.  The Club is open to all faculty (including Emeriti) as well as staff and administrators.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Tony Rimmer (his email is listed below) to be placed on the mailing list.)

The University Club is a relatively new campus organization of faculty, staff and administrators who support, sponsor, and host a number of community enhancing and cultural activities throughout the year. The University Club is an unofficial, loosely organized group that seeks to encourage social and intellectual interactions and strengthen the campus community.

Any member of the university community is welcome to join at no membership cost. All it takes to join is to respond to this message and you will be placed on the University Club e-mail list. There is no obligation. You will receive a limited number of announcements each year about upcoming activities and you can unsubscribe at any time. While most of these activities will be open to the entire university community, some will be announced only to individuals who are on the University Club mailing list.

The type of activities we intend to sponsor include a variety of events, such as theatre outings, faculty presentations, family picnics, field trips, docent museum tours, sporting activities, and purely social gatherings. We will also support similar events put on by other campus groups. A partial listing of some activities for this fall include:

v     Docent tour of the Mummies exhibit at the Bowers Museum followed by a no-host lunch at Tangata (November 13, 11 am-2 pm, $25/ticket). See attachment for more details.

v     Guided tour of our new Performing Arts Center with theatres and concert hall (Fri, Oct. 7, 2:00-3:30 pm). See attachment for more details.

v     Third Thursday’s at the Campus Pub

v     Brown bag lunch talks

v     A night at the theatre

v     Holiday party at the home of Reyes Fidalgo

More details on these events are forthcoming, so if you are on the University Club mailing list, you will receive more information in the future! So come join this group of delightful, fun-loving and interesting colleagues!

If you are interested in participating, simply respond to this message by sending an email to Tony Rimmer and indicate either:

 Yes, I want to be on the University Club mailing list.


Yes, I want to be on the University Club mailing list, AND participate in planning events.

For more information contact:

Vince Buck, vbuck@fullerton.edu      

Reyes Fidalgo, rfidalgo@fullerton.edu

Tony Rimmer, trimmer@fullerton.edu

Diana Guerin, dguerin@fullerton.edu

Jack Bedell, jbedell@fullerton.ed


In Memoriam

During the past year several members of the Emeriti of California State University, Fullerton passed away.  They include:

Tai K. Oh, Professor of Management Emeritus.
Granville W. Hough
, Professor of Management Emeritus.
Levern F. Graves
, Professor of Economics Emeritus.
Paul W. Kane
, Professor of Secondary Education Emeritus.
Sidney Klein
, Professor of Economics Emeritus.
Robert G. Fecarotta
, Associate Director of Analytical Studies Emeritus.
Elmer L. Johnson
, Professor of Physical Education Emeritus.

Gene H. Dippel, Assoc. Vice President for Information and Telecommunication Services Emeritus.
Dorothea Kenny
, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Emeritus.
Ronald J. Crowley
, Professor of Physics, Emeritus.
Robert Rayfield
, Professor of Communications, Emeritus.
John B. Sweeney
, Registrar, Emeritus.
Elaine Hutchison
, Administrative Assistant, Emeritus.
Corinne Shear Wood
, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus.
Charles S. Shapley
, Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures - French Literature, Emeritus.
Bessie M. Rutemiller
, Librarian, Emeritus.
James P. Alexander
, Professor of Communications, Emeritus.

Hans Leder, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus.

Richard H. Lindley, Professor of Psychology, Emeritus.

Russell V. Benson, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus.

Albert W. Porter, Professor of Art, Emeritus.
Mary A. Koehler
, Assistant Professor of Communications and Executive Assistant to the President, Emeritus.

Alex Omalev, Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus.
Robert B. (Bob) McLaren
, Professor of Child and Adolescent Development, Emeritus.
Frank L. Roberts
, Professor of Marketing, Emeritus.
Eugene B. Hunt
, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus.

Tso-Hwa Lee, Professor of Geography, Emeritus.
Roberta (Bobbe) F. Browning
, Director of Career Development and Counseling, Emeritus.
Gene F. Rose
, Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus.



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