DATE: Apr 24, 2018

Time: 8:30 am- 3:30 pm

Place: CSUF QUAD       

             The National Resource Center for Asian Languages (NRCAL) proudly presents the 2nd Annual  World Languages and Careers Day  at CSUF to provide middle school and high school students the opportunity to learn about the benefits of learning a second language and acquiring culturally competency by interacting with representatives from various industries such as health, entertainment, education, technology, manufacturing, transportation, business, etc. The event will be FREE to all students. College campus tours will also be provided to students who are interested.


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Students will meet with representatives from various industries to discuss: 

  •  opportunities to apply knowledge of a second language  or culture in their profession

  • personal experiences and benefits of knowing another language and/or culture – economic, employment, global relations, leadership development, etc…

  • highlight the skill sets that employers value and that students should acquire to be successful in a diverse workforce


World Language Day 2018