About Us

NSM is one of eight colleges at CSUF and contains five departments. The college offers through its departments and programs, baccalaureate degrees in all disciplines and master's degrees in biological science, chemistry, geology, physics and mathematics.

NSM currently has 123 full-time faculty members. In 2016, there were over 2900 students majoring in the programs offered by NSM. Each year the college graduates an average of about 390 students with baccalaureate degrees and 65 students with master's degrees. Many of our graduates, either immediately following graduation or after receiving postgraduate degrees, find employment in our neighboring communities, providing a tremendous resource for the economic development of Orange County & SoCal.


Mission Statement


The College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics is dedicated to the principle that teaching and research are intricately mixed and undergraduate research is an integral part of education. By combining quality classroom instruction, student involvement in research, and strong academic advising, we transform the student experience.


Through creating knowledge and learning by discovery, CNSM changes the lives of students while preparing them for advanced degrees and successful careers in science and mathematics.


Exploration by inquiry and learning through discovery.


Strategic Goals (2011/12 - 2015/16)

  • Goal 1: Maintain the infrastructure required for high-quality research and preparation of students for future graduate school and career pursuits
  • Goal 2: Establish transdisciplinary research and degree programs
  • Goal 3: Upgrade and advance CNSM undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Goal 4: Prepare students for careers
  • Goal 5: Increase CNSM graduation rates
  • Goal 6: Increase CNSM funding base
  • Goal 7: Increase efficiency of current resource management
  • Goal 8: Maintain an appropriate number of high-quality staff members
  • Goal 9: Establish a 21st century learning environment

 Download full text of CNSM 2011/12 - 2015/16 Strategic Plan PDF File (pdf)