Einstein Tuffy

Think Like Einstein (TLE) is a course specifically designed for first-time first-year students majoring in science or mathematics at CSUF. The course satisfies the General Education Area A.3 Critical Thinking requirement. Engaging in meaningful and lifelong critical thinking will propel a student to succeed in NSM and beyond. Therefore, this course, situated at the beginning of one’s college career, has the potential to increase student persistence and success by enabling students to do the following:

  • Explain the role of science and mathematics in interpreting the world
  • Use different forms of logic
  • Identify logical fallacies
  • Distinguish facts from opinions and respond to controversial ideas with a scientist’s mindset
  • Advocate for a scientific idea
  • Evaluate a hypothesis
  • Cultivate a community and a sense of belonging as a scientist or mathematician
  • Participate in case studies led by tenure track faculty from each CNSM department
  • Engage in peer-led learning
  • Acquire skills to navigate successfully to graduation, career, and productive citizenship in an increasingly interconnected world


Fall 2023 Incoming Freshman: 
Almost all NSM students will be automatically enrolled in or put onto the waitlist in for CNSM 101 prior to registration beginning. Space is limited and if you have questions about GE Area A3, registering for or dropping CNSM 101 contact Sean Walker, Associate Dean NSM -