Academic Notice & Disqualification


Dear Titan,

You may have recently been notified that based on your previous semester’s academic performance, you have been placed on Academic Notice.  Receiving this notification may have caused you some anxiety and distress, however we are here to help.  The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Student Success Team is committed to providing assistance and support to overcome this challenge and regain Good Academic standing.

What is Academic Notice?   
Academic Notice is when an undergraduate student’s cumulative and/or CSUF GPA falls below a 2.0. This does not include cumulative GPA.


How do I get out of Academic Notice?   
In order to be removed from Academic Notice, you need to regain Good Academic standing. In order to regain Good Academic standing, your CSUF GPA must be at a minimum 2.0. If your CSUF GPA is at 2.0 or above at the end of the Fall, Spring and/or Summer semester, you will regain Good Academic standing and be removed from Academic Notice.