How to Schedule an Appointment 

If you are a new or continuing CSUF student completing a Bachelor's Degree:

  1. Log in to your Student Portal and click on the top option that says Titan Online. Or, click on the following link:
  2. If prompted to do so, click on the Titan Online button and you will be taken to a new page.
  3. Under Student Self Service click on TitanNet and you will be taken to the Navigate Home Page.
  4. On the top right corner of the homepage you will find a Make An Appointment button, click on it to start the appointment process.
  5. On this page you will select the kind of advising appointment needed.
  6. When prompted to do so, choose your location. You can select which advisor you prefer to meet.
  7. Now you can select a date and time for your appointment. Click on one of the blue boxes to open up a drop-down menu with appointments and times for that day.
  8. Once you’ve chosen your preferred time, read through the additional comments from the advisor. Make sure to CONFIRM your appointment and you’re done!


Please see visual step by step instructions on how to schedule an appointment / cancel an appointment below. 


Blue Steps #1-8 : How to Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor

Green Steps #1-10 : How to Schedule an Appointment with a Tutor

Orange Steps #1-4 : How to Cancel an Appointment

Advisor: Step 1

Advisor: Step 2

Advisor: Step 3

Advisor: Step 4

Advisor: Step 5

Advisor: Step 6

Advisor: Step 7

Advisor: Step 8

Tutor: STEP 1

Tutor: STEP 2

Tutor: STEP 3

Tutor: STEP 4

Tutor: STEP 5

Tutor: STEP 6

Tutor: STEP 7

Tutor: STEP 8

Tutor: STEP 9

Tutor: STEP 10

Cancel: STEP 1

Cancel: STEP 2

Cancel: TEP 3

Cancel: STEP 4

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. You can cancel your appointment and schedule a new appointment in TitanNet. Follow the steps below to cancel your appointment.