“Policies and Procedures” 


Need funding for your event? Contact your club's NSM ICC representative for
more information on how to present your funding packet to the NSM ICC for
voting approval.

For assistance with completing required documents, contact the NSM ICC Vice
Chair at csufnsmiccvc@gmail.com

Please Note: If you are also receiving funding from your major department, please
notify both your major department and the NSM ICC Vice Chair. Original receipts
will be required to receive reimbursements from ASI.



NSM ICC Bylaws (PDF FORM)PDF File Opens in new window

Roberts Rules of Order (PDF FORM)PDF File Opens in new window


NSM ICC Funding Instructions and Charts

The updated funding guide it is uploaded on our Titanlink page: https://fullerton.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/nsmicc


ASI Funding Policies:





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