Math Qualifying Exam for Fall 2017 Enrollment

Math 130/135/150A Enrollment Requirements:
All students planning to enroll in Math 130 (Short Course in Calculus), Math135, (Business Calculus), or Math 150A (Analytic Geometry and Calculus) must take the Mathematics Qualifying Exam (MQE) or have a Mathematics Department approved exemption. Students must pass the MQE or be exempt before registering for any of the above courses.

To be exempt from the MQE, students must have: For Math 130 & 135: A "C" or better in Math 115 or 125 at CSUF or an equivalent course

For Math 150A: A "C" or better in Math 125 or an equivalent course

Any score on the AP calculus exam

One semester of high school calculus with a "C" or better
All exemptions must be verified with high school or college transcript in the Math Department before enrolling in Math 130, 135, or 150A.

MQE Test Information:
Test scores are valid for two consecutive semesters. The MQE consists of 45 multiple-choice questions covering college algebra and trigonometry. For Math 130, a score of 20 or better is required; for Math 135, a score of 25 or better is required; for Math 150A, a score of 28 or better is required.

June 16, 2017 3:00 pm MH121 June 12, 2017
June 23, 2017 3:00 pm MH121 June 21, 2017

You will have one hour to complete the Math Qualifying Exam (MQE). Calculators are NOT allowed.

Additional MQE test dates for 2018 are available through the University Testing Center. To sign up for those dates, please visit the University Testing Center (

Students may only register for ONE MQE Test Date offered by the Department of Mathematics or Testing Center during the summer. Pre-registration is required for the MQE. Use the link below to pre-register for a MQE session administered by the Department of Mathematics during the summer.

Pre-Registration for the exam is now closed.

Please plan on taking the MQE prior to your NSO/TSO Orientation.