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OC Insight is the signature show resulting from the partnership between Community Television of Southern California (KCET) and California State University, Fullerton. OC Insight is an original public-affairs talk show produced by CSUF for initial broadcast on KCET-Orange (available via air-broadcast on digital channel 28.2 and via Cox Cable and Time Warner Cable in Orange County) and is rebroadcast on the CSUF channel available on Time Warner cable (available in some areas of Orange County).

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Creative Communities and the Creative Economy

Throughout Southern California and in pockets across the nation, there are neighborhoods and communites that enjoy both a rich arts scene as well as a vibrant business sector engaged in creative work. Many say that these "creative communities" as they're called, not only improve quality of life, but also help communities weather tough economic times.

Panelists: Samuel Hoi, president of Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Pat Wayne, director of programs and education with Arts Orange County. Christopher Lynch, vice president for business and economic development at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce. Host: Roger Cooper.

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California's Foster Care System

It's a population that we often overlook -- the nearly 80-thousand children and teens in the state's foster-care system. While most will eventually be reunited with a parent, some will remain wards of the court -- without a home and unadopted -- all the way until they reach 18. How do these young people make their way in life? And how can we help them on their road to adulthood?

Panelists: Cal Winslow, who serves as CEO and President of the Orangewood Children's Foundation. Marla Jo Fisher, a columnist with the Orange County Register. Markus McQueen, a law student who grew up in the foster care system and was a "Guardian Scholar" at California State University, Fullerton. Host: Roger Cooper.

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Confronting End-of-Life Issues

Talking about death is difficult for most families. But whether we speak about it or not, there will be important decisions and plans to be made, wishes to be followed, and emotions to brace for. Should extraordinary measures be taken to prolong life? What about the expense? How many of us realize the final months of life can account for up to half of our nation's medical expenses? Can we confront our own mortality?

Panelists: Dr. James Mayo, a physician with Kaiser Permanente. Jane Glenn Haas, a newspaper columnist, author, and founder of WomenSage. Dr. Paul Levesque, associate professor and chair of comparative religion at California State University, Fullerton. Host: Roger Cooper.

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Illegal Immigration

There are few hot-button issues hotter than that of illegal immigration. At times, the public discourse is so loud and impassioned that the facts can be lost. What are the facts - and what is the best way forward?

Panelists: Scott Baugh, chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County; Alexandro José Gradilla, assistant professor and chair of Chicana and Chicano Studies at California State University, Fullerton; Frank Barbaro, chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County. Host: Roger Cooper.

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The Megachurches of Orange County

While megachurches exist in other parts of the country, some of the biggest of these massive congregations are right here in Orange County. What gave rise to megachurches like the Crystal Cathedral and Saddleback Valley Community Church? And what is their impact on life here?

Panelists: Richard Flory, director of research for the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California; Gwen Driscoll, former senior journalist for The Orange County Register; Ben Hubbard, professor emeritus of comparative religion at California State University, Fullerton. Host: Roger Cooper.

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Transportation in the Southland

Across Southern California, we all have had frustrations with getting from "point A" to "point B." From freeways to bus lines to railways, the Southland has a mix of both success stories and frustrations. Where do we lead the way, and where do we fall behind? What's the state of mass-transit? And what are the needed projects for the future?

Panelists: Art Leahy, CEO of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority; Curt Pringle, chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority; Will Kempton, CEO of the Orange County Transportation Authority. Host: Roger Cooper.

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