Success at Cal State Fullerton begins by having a positive transition toward academics and campus involvement. OFYE connects first year students who are undeclared to a community of first year-focused faculty, professional staff, and peer mentors who will serve as partners in helping navigate the campus and connecting OFYE students to the Titan experience, both academically and socially. At Cal State Fullerton, we believe we are partners in your education. If you are still undecided about your major, in other words an “undeclared” student, know that you are not alone. In OFYE, our staff work in partnership with the Academic Advisement Center and all colleges across our campus to help you explore and ultimately declare your major.

Members of OFYE must enroll in UNIV 100: Foundations for College Success, Lifelong Learning and Self-Development Course. Through UNIV 100, students explore different majors while also meeting general education requirements, creating learning styles, developing time management strategies and productive study habits. The broad range of academic and student support services, clubs, and organizations that the University offers will also be presented to UNIV 100 students. Once enrolled in UNIV 100, you will automatically be registered for Compass Crossing Learning Community, a learning community designed to explore academic majors and careers related to personal and professional goals, foster community with UNIV 100 peers, and connect to campus resources.

In UNIV 100, students work with faculty and a peer mentor who helps support their transition in college. In UNIV 100, first-year students make new friends, develop close relationships with professors and professional staff, and learn from the example of a successful 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year student who serves as a peer mentor. OFYE also offers academic coaching, early probation alert intervention, community-based learning, academic and student success programming through OFYE and through campus involvement/activities. The OFYE Lava Lounge provides a space to meet friends or study with access to computers and printing.

For students who want to live on campus, OFYE students have the option of choosing the First Year Connection in Pine Residence Hall as their themed living-learning community. First Year Connection offers students all of the regular benefits of OFYE, plus classes and a resource center with study space, social and informational programs, and other fun activities.

At OFYE, we invite you to let us be a part of building your academic foundation, linking you to campus life, and introducing you to a set of tools to help you become a successful Titan scholar and leader…Let the Journey Begin!