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First Year Experience program components, read below The Office of First Year Experience is a support program and resource to support undeclared first-year students’ transition into CSUF. 

Undeclared students who enroll in UNIV 100 in the fall semester will gain support through this transitional course that provides the space and capacity to explore who they are, and the assets they bring to their Titan experience. 

Students will learn life skills beyond their first year while integrating tools for social and academic success.  If you are looking for a transformative experience, join our program and become part of a supportive community as you discover your academic, personal, and career goals.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for all incoming freshman or just those who are undeclared?

The OFYE Program is for undeclared first-time, first-year students. However, each academic college has support resources for first-year students who have declared a major within the college! If you want to learn more about the resources available in each college, visit a Student Success Team.

I am enrolled as an undeclared major because I didn't get in to the Nursing Program. What should I do?

You are not alone. The Academic Advisment Center provides excellent guidance for students in your position, and you can visit the office website to learn more about your next steps.

Is UNIV 100 a requirement for all first-year students?

UNIV 100 is not required for first-year students to take, however it is highly recommended.

Can anyone enroll in UNIV 100?

The Office of First Year Experience has UNIV 100 sections reserved for undeclared students. However, there are similar courses offered in each of the academic colleges as well. If you have declared a major, we recommend discussing course options with your college advisor.

I am undeclared, but I have an idea of what I want to study. Should I take UNIV 100?

Although the OFYE program will help support you in exploring pathways, UNIV 100 is not a major exploration course. UNIV 100 is a course designed to help students transition successfully into their Titan experience at CSUF. If this sounds like a course that would be helpful for you, we encourage you to enroll!

What are the benefits of the OFYE Program?

In addition to receiving GE credit for Area E with UNIV 100, you will have access to a community of support and resources including a Peer Mentor, unique relationships with faculty, academic coaching, community-based learning, college success programming and events, free printing resources, and more! 

Can I join the OFYE Program without enrolling in UNIV 100?

At this time, enrollment in UNIV 100 serves as your opportunity to join the OFYE program.

I am nervous about not knowing what to major in. Will being undeclared put me behind?

Don’t worry! Many college students change their major as their interests change throughout their experience. We have a great partnership with our Major Exploration Coordinator, Victoria Barrera Hamdi. We will make sure you get connected with the support you need to explore your pathway here at CSUF.

What type of suppot does this program provide during virtual instruction?

The Office of First Year Experience will be prepared to offer our resources and support virtually for Fall 2020.  In addition to the experience and connections you will have through UNIV 100, we will continue to offer our academic success workshops, 1:1 coaching and support, and opportunities for you to engage further within your Titan experience all online!

Are all UNIV 100 sections for undeclared students?

The Office of First Year Experience coordinates sections 1-23 for the students associated with our program. Additional UNIV 100 sections you may find are associated with one of the academic colleges. If you are an undeclared student, please review our class schedule or utilize our interactive flowchart to find the best section for you.

What if I am having issues enrolling in UNIV 100 as an undeclared student?

If you are unable to enroll in a section that is actively open, please contact us at firstyearexp@fullerton.edu with you name, CWID, and preferred method to contact you to resolve the issues.